Prayer Request

I have a friend, and his family, I grew up with I need y’all to pray for.  His dad was killed this weekend in a boating accident on a farm pond.  My friends name is Greg Henderson and his dad’s name was Zane Henderson.

I’ve received a few details via email from another friend who goes to church with them now at First Baptist Euless and its a bit of a crazy situation overall.

Zane’s wife, Greg’s mom, Darla died a few years ago after fighting breast cancer for a number of years.  Zane remarried less than 2 years ago and moved to a new town with this lady and, from what I understand, her younger children.  Apparently the relationship between the “old” and “new” families was a bit strained.  Zane, his new wife, and some children were on a boat in the farm pond and the boat tipped.  Zane and the new wife got all the kids out of the water but in the process he got tangled in the trolling motor and was sunk along with the boat and his body was not recovered until the next morning.

It sounds like a crazy situation and along with stress, grief, and all else involved they need all the prayer they can get. 

Lastly, I will share that my parents became friends with the Henderson’s through a young married Sunday School class much like ours when they were younger.   To me this shows the importance of making friends through church, allowing our kids to become friends, and how getting involved in each others lives can make a difference 20 or 30 or more years down the road.  I’m thankful for all of you.


Max Crews

The newest member of our class is here. Max arrived at 5:45 p.m. tonight. He was 7 lb, 10 oz and 21 inches long. David and Jennifer are exhausted after laboring all day, so please pray for rest tonight.


New update from Jenn

Hello all! I am so sorry that I haven’t updated this until now! The internal echocardiogram (transesophageal echcardiogram) had great news. The internal echo is much more accurate and showed pressure in the pulmonary artery to be a “high” normal- but the word that we are focusing on is “normal”. My lung function is fine, and they find no evidence of holes in my heart, or enlargement, or clots. I do have Mitral Valve Prolapse, which is a very common heart disorder. In most cases, this is a harmless disorder-which doesn’t shorten life expectancy or require treatment. However, that, along with my rapid heart rate may have caused the first two echos to be inaccurate- hence the internal one that we finally did. 

The other thing that I continue to have is a rapid heartbeat (running about 100-140 bpm). The Drs feel that this may be pregnancy related due to the increase in blood volume that you have when you are pregnant. They have me on a beta blocker medication that will help control blood pressure and slow down my heart a bit. We did have an appt with a 2nd cardiologist to get another opinion- he looked at my file and assured me that he felt I am fine. We do have another follow up echo scheduled for May 12.

I will be seeing a high risk baby Dr twice a week (just to monitor Max-he’s been fine through all of this) and my OBGYN once a week until Max is born. I also will see a cardiologist one more time (the May 12 appt), and the lung specialist once more before Max is born.

So, here are my prayer requests:

1)Pray that Max develops normally- the medication that I am on can cause lower birth weights.

2)Pray that the birth goes well- and that Max and I are safe.

3)Pray for me with this rapid heartbeat- it can be a bit unerving when you heart is going so fast!

4)Pray that my heart rate will return to normal- either now or after Max is born.

5)Pray for Max as I breast feed him while I am on this medication, that it will have no negative effects on him.

6)Pray for wisdom for the Drs.

7)Last, but certainly not least: Praise God that the news we have received is not at all what we initially were looking at!


Jennifer in the Hospital

I talked to David this afternoon and he let me know that Jennifer has been admitted to the hospital. She is at Covenant Lakeside in room 317. The lung doctor was too concerned with her condition and wants to be able to monitor her 24 hours per day. This week, her high risk OB, cardiologist, and lung doctor will be working together to figure out how to treat her. Apparently, pulmonary hypertension is pretty uncommon in pregnancy, so there is no precedent on how to treat someone in Jennifer’s condition.

In order to figure out just what is causing the hypertension (either a hole in her heart or blockage), doctors will be having to put her under to do an ultrasound of her heart from the inside.

Jenn’s mom is coming to help with Sam. Unless they find a treatment to help her heart rate go down, Jennifer will be in the hospital until Max gets here sometime in June, so we may need to organize food and/or childcare at some point. Right now they need our prayers.


Update from Jenn

Hi, I wanted to give everyone an update from our “day at the hospital”. We did get to see a cardiologist today. He said that I have pulmonary hypertension, which means that the pressure between my heart and lungs is too high. Normal is 30, and mine is measuring 60. He did say that levels of 80-100 are dangerous- so thank goodness I am not there! Basically, now we are running a lot of tests to see what is causing this. Today, we were in the process of trying to rule out a blood clot. They did a doppler on my legs, and everything looked fine. They also initially wanted me to have a CT scan, but due to the fact that they have to give me some medication through an IV to check for blood clots in the heart, the radiologist decided that due to my pregnancy, that we should rule out all other options before we do a CT scan. So, they opted to do a blood test that is less accurate, but can give them some data. I will also be seeing a lung specialist to check out my lungs. If all of this is inconclusive, I will be doing another echo-cardiogram in three weeks to re-test. I will also be wearing a heart monitor for the next 48 hours to monitor any paliptations etc.


Dr. told me to take it easy- but I dont have to do bed rest. I also see my OBGYN next week.


So, we don’t have a lot of answers, but we are encouraged by the fact that nothing is showing up so far. Please continue to pray for us!


Thanks so much!


Jenn Crews


Colton Bichard

Welcome baby boy!



Pray for Jennifer Crews

Please pray for me and David. We will be going back to a cardiologist tomorrow AM at 10:00. As some of you know, my heart rate has been really fast for about the past few weeks. They did an EKG and an echocardiogram today and the cardiologist (Dr. Smith at Covenant) who read the results wants to get me in tomorrow for some further testing and evaluation. I will let you all know when I have more information.